Amanda Collins-Eade

Amanda Collins-Eade RMN, BSc Hons, PGCert, DipThorn, LLB Hons, MSc

Amanda Collins-Eade

Amanda T Collins-Eade
RMN, BSc Hons, PGCert, DipThorn, LLB Hons, MSc

Senior Lecturer in Early Intervention

Department of Family Care and Mental Health

Faculty of Education and Health

Amanda Collins-Eade is a Senior Lecturer in Early Intervention in the Department of Family Care & Mental Health at the University of Greenwich.

Since 2012, Amanda has been in the post as Senior lecturer on early intervention, children and young people. Amanda has extensive experience as a THORN accredited practitioner, engaging and working with young people and their families around Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and family intervention for relapse prevention.

In 2007, she completed her MSc degree in Mental Health interventions, and in 2008 published work on early detection, exploring how much secondary school teachers know about psychosis. In the same year she also led a working group to organise a successful Trust CPD conference on psychosis and interventions. 
Amanda's teaching is primarily focused on mental health and wellbeing of young people. She teaches across a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes within the school and is a Breakaway trainer. She is currently exploring social networking as an early detection strategy for her MPhil/PhD.

As course lecturer, her areas of interest are: recovery and psycho-social interventions in mental health; interpersonal skills training in simulated practice; attachment; resilience; adolescent mental health problems and nursing management; working with young people with complex needs; breakaway training; teaching and learning; knowledge and evidence; management of stress.

Amanda was nominated by her Personal tutorial group and shortlisted by the Nursing Times for Educator of the Year Award 2015.

Posts held previously:

  • 2011-12, Lecturer Practitioner, University of Greenwich (secondment)
  • 2010-11, Early Intervention Care Coordinator, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, Greenwich
  • 2009-10, Relapse Prevention Practitioner, Oxleas, Heights Recovery team (secondment)
  • Senior Lecturer, Children's Nursing, Department of Family Care & Mental Health
  • Course lecturer on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes
  • Breakaway trainer
  • Membership: Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • Membership: International Early Psychosis Association
  • Membership: Association for young people's health
  • Editorial Review: Group cognitive therapy for addictions, by Wenzel, A., Liese, B.S., Beck, A.T. and Friedman-Wheeler, D.G. (2013)

Amanda's research interests are concerned with adolescent mental health; early detection and collaborative interventions for psychosis; working with families; the needs of young carers who have parents with mental health problems; the need to develop manualised interventions for children with mental health problems; social networking and the responses of the public to young people who post messages of distress; and teaching mental health skills using simulated practice.

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Collins Eade, A., de Quincey, E., Foster, J. and Jump, L. (2015). An Investigation into the early detection of psychosis and depression in individuals via Social Media (Twitter). In: 3rd GRF Summit, pp. 30-33.

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National Early Intervention Psychosis Conference, Birmingham.

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