Jan Webb

Jan Webb RGN, RSCN, RNT, DipN, BEd Hons, MSc

Jan Webb

Jan Webb
RGN, RSCN, RNT, DipN, BEd Hons, MSc

Principal Lecturer and Professional Lead, Child Health & Welfare

Department of Family Care and Mental Health

Faculty of Education and Health

Jan Webb is a Principal Lecturer and Professional Lead for Child Health and Welfare in the Department of Family Care and Mental Health at the University of Greenwich.

As principal lecturer and professional lead since 2006, Jan ensures that practice based learning for the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) regulated programmes meet quality standards.

Jan has been a Nursing and Midwifery Council Reviewer and has extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in curriculum design, development and academic quality matters in the Higher Education sector. At the university she leads on development of the curriculum around safeguarding children and young people, establishing well-regarded undergraduate and postgraduate professional programmes, as well as providing expert leadership developing and reviewing safeguarding policies.

In addition to children's nursing and related child health matters at the university, her specialism is as course coordinator on safeguarding children and young people since 1995, and also as pathway leader on MSc Advanced Practice Safeguarding since 2013.

Her lecturing includes legislation and policy for children; children's rights, and with a clinical nursing background in children's emergency nursing, also contributes to provision related to the acutely ill or injured child.

Jan organises and delivers study days around safeguarding to a range of external organisations for both public and private sectors. Jan has developed and is reviewing a Safeguarding Hub, an inter-professional collaborative forum for academics and practitioners promoting best practice. She is involved in the development of Maritime City, a digital edutainment tool for safeguarding and child protection.

Her expertise within the field of safeguarding has granted commissions from external organisations, including a domestic violence audit for a local children's safeguarding board, and an evidence scope for Research in Practice concerned with working effectively to address child sexual exploitation. Jan has also been invited to speak on safeguarding related matters at a range of events most recently presenting at a Public Policy Exchange Symposium.

Posts held previously:

  • 1999-2010, Programme Leader, Safeguarding Children and Young People, course coordinator on Child Protection, University of Greenwich
  • 1992-2006, Senior Lecturer, Children's Nursing and Child Health, University of Greenwich
  • 1997-99, Route Leader BSc Specialist Practice: Child Route, University of Greenwich
  • 1991-99, Child Branch Leader DipHE Nursing Studies, and RGN to RN conversion pathway, University of Greenwich
  • 1991-92, Lecturer Children's Nursing (unqualified teacher), Department of Priority Care, Thames College of Health Care Studies
  • 1982-91, Sister and staff nurse posts in various accident and emergency departments
  • Principal Lecturer and Professional Lead, Child Health and Welfare, Department of Family Care and Mental
  • Safeguarding Lead for Children and Young People
  • Course coordinator on Safeguarding Children and Young People on the undergraduate and postgraduate programme
  • Programme Lead MSc Advanced Practice

External examiner:

  • Pre-Registration Child Field programmes, Middlesex University
  • Chief examiner on Graduate Framework, Faculty of Health, University of Brighton
  • All safeguarding and child protection modules at postgraduate and undergraduate levels, Faculty of Health: University of Brighton
  • Postgraduate child protection provision and chief examiner on postgraduate community provision, University of the West of Scotland


  • Safeguarding Children and Adults Board, Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trus
  • Safeguarding Children Committee Oxleas Foundation NHS Trust 
  • Nursing and Midwifery Council


  • Safeguarding Advisory Role to the safeguarding lead for Public Health England
  • Reviewer on Nursing and Midwifery Council

Jan's research interests are primarily within the field of safeguarding. Previous research projects relate to child protection processes and service provision, audits for local children safeguarding boards and an evaluation concerned with a multi-agency approach to working with families with complex needs: Multi-Agency Hub (MASH) for Bromley Children Safeguarding Board (2011) and the London MASH (University of Greenwich, 2013).

Jan's subsequent doctoral study explored the construct of the vulnerable child and the meaning of vulnerability, exploring the implications for identifying and assessing the vulnerable child and vulnerability constructs that define this. The aim is to provide a critical view on how practitioners might work better to identify and improve outcomes for vulnerable children and young people at risk of harm, as well as those who are vulnerable having experienced harm.

Jan is currently involved in collaborative research (with Kingston University) concerned with professional boundaries and the perceptions of pre-registration nurses.

Funded research projects

  • Bexley Safeguarding Children Board: domestic violence audit, 2015
  • Research on Practice: An evidence scope for working effectively to address child sexual exploitation, 2015

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