Jane Speare

Jane Speare Dip, BA Hons, PGCE, MA

Jane Speare
Dip, BA Hons, PGCE, MA

Senior Lecturer, Education and Community Studies

Department of Education and Community Studies

Faculty of Education and Health

Jane Speare is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Education & Community Studies at the University of Greenwich.

Jane joined the university in 2002 as senior lecturer and course leader on the Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) Lifelong Learning Sector programme. Since 2014, she is course lecturer across the BA Hons Education Studies programme.

Jane has a Diploma in Counselling and Supervision and is interested in supporting students with special educational needs, with consideration for the role of emotions in learning and association of those 'hard to teach'.

Jane is also particularly interested in poetry in education, and is undertaking a research degree in the area of adolescents reading poetry.

Posts held previously:

  • 2002-14, Senior Lecturer/Course leader, PGCE courses, Lifelong Learning Sector, University of Greenwich
  • 1997-2002, Programme Coordinator, Acting Head of Department (since 2000), Tower Hamlets College
    Responsible for students with 'special educational needs'
  • 1996, Volunteer in Romanian Orphanage, Orfan
  • 1991-96, Lecturer, Tower Hamlets College
    On a range of vocational and academic courses from entry-level to A-level
  • 1991, English teacher, Unipal Educational exchange with Palestinians
  • 1989-91, Lecturer, Alton College
    On vocational and academic courses from entry to advanced level
  • 1987-88, Northern Irish Quaker Service; working with children at risk in Belfast
  • Senior Lecturer, Department of Education & Community Studies
  • Course lecturer on BA Hons Education Studies programme
  • Reviewer: Wilson, L. (2013). Practical Teaching: A guide to teaching in the Education and Training Sector
  • External Examiner: PGCE courses at The institute of Education, 2009-12

 Jane's PhD research study is adolescent engagement with poetry in further education colleges.

Speare, J. and McElvey, C. (2015). Teachers Watching Teachers: exploring the influence of films on emergent teacher identities. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Comparative Studies, 2(1), pp. 74-87.

Speare, J. and Henshall, A. (2014). Did anyone else think the trees were students? Using poetry as a tool for critical reflection. Journal of Reflective Studies, 15(6).

Speare, J. (2014). Chatsworth Road: an after-school video project: English 4-11. Summer, 51, p 5.

Speare, J. (2014). Using poetry as a means to scaffold reflection on a PGCE Course. Research and Practice in Adult Literacy, Spring, 82, pp. 47-52. 

Speare, J. with Wright et al. (2007). FE Lecturer's Guide to Diversity and Inclusion. Continuum.

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