Dr Terry Gorman

Dr Terry Gorman PhD, MSc, BEng

Dr Terry Gorman

Dr Terry Gorman
PhD, MSc, BEng


Department of Engineering Science

Faculty of Engineering and Science

Dr Terry Gorman became a Lecturer at the University of Greenwich in 2012. He currently lectures in Advanced Control, Mechatronics Systems and Process Control. His main research interests are related to embedded control systems and photonic devices.

Terry graduated from the university of Brighton in 1997 with a 2:1 Honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. On leaving University he was employed by an Italian process control company, Orsi Automazioni, for 5 years developing process control solutions and SCADA systems. He then moved on to work with Siemens Automation and Drives working on manufacturing execution systems (MES) and ERP systems.

In a change of career direction he then went on to complete and MSc in Broadband and mobile telecommunications at the University of Kent, Canterbury achieving a distinction grade for his work on electro-optic modulators. An opportunity arose to continue his studies to PhD level researching electro-optic modulators, photonic crystal fibres and surface plasmon biosensors. Terry completed his PhD in 2009, publishing and co-publishing over 10 papers related to his research. In 2010 Terry took research position in the Wolfson Centre at the University of Greenwich. The research was to develop a sensor capable of measuring high speed particles in pneumatic pipelines. The research resulted in a working system and a publication.

After his work at the Wolfson Centre, Terry accepted a Lecturing position at the University of Greenwich where he lectures on Advanced control, Mechatronics and Process Control.

Lecturer and project management

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