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Student Portal


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Student Portal

The University of Greenwich has a portal for existing students and staff.

Everything you need to know about the university, including information for potential students, business partners and the general public is included on our website, and teaching and reference materials used internally are available through the Portal's pages.

the Portal includes:

  • Web e-mail
  • Calendars
  • Careers Information
  • Course Information & Grades (BannerWeb)
  • Library & Computing information services
  • Teaching Resources such as WebCT
  • Teachmat & Engweb
  • School Internet & Intranet web pages
  • Study Services
  • Tools to create and join online groups
  • University Announcements

You can access these services here:

Alternatively, click on the "Student and Staff Portal" link at the bottom of this - and every other - web page.

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the above services please contact the Portal team by clicking below:

Technical Assistance

There may also be (staff and/or student) resources available from the new website within your school/office pages. These should be available by logging in to the University Intranet Login (found on the left hand side under the navigation menu of your school/office area), using your staff or student ID.