Course Information Undergraduate prospectus

Games and Interactive Systems

Course summary

Course code: COMP1286
Level: 4
Credits: 30
School: Architecture, Computing and Hums
Department: Computing and Information Sys.
Course Coordinator(s): Darrenlloyd Gent



The aim of this course is to introduce students to processes involved in designing and developing interactive systems such as video games and digital media applications. Students will become acquainted with the creative use of interaction methods and systems through exposure to software lifecycle models; by engaging in the design process, looking at the application of software and scripting in order to develop a prototype application.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

A. Record software development lifecycles
B. Apply appropriate design processes
C. Experiment with developing interactive systems and games prototypes
D. Identify appropriate methods and techniques for producing prototypes
E. Propose a solution to a creative brief based on a game or interactive system

Indicative content

Software Development Lifecycles;
Scripting for games and interaction;
Interaction methods;
Using an industry standard tool for product development;
Psychology of gaming;
Concept, design and proof;
Iterative development process;
Current and emerging uses of games design and technology

Teaching and learning activity

This course is to be delivered via several complementary activities: lectures, tutorials, practical work and directed unsupervised learning. The rationale for this mix of activities is to give the students an interesting and varied learning experience combining theory and analysis to underpin the core practical work.

Students will also have extra support through supplemental material in the form of digital recordings such as screencasts and example projects to analyse and disseminate.


Coursework - 20% weighting, 40% pass mark, learning outcome - D. Outline Details - A report analysing a video game using established game theory and methodologies, 2,000 words.

Formative Assessment for courseworrk - Tutorials.

Portfolio 1 - 30% weighting, 40% pass mark, learning outcome - C. Outline Details - A portfolio of lab tasks leading to a functioning product.

Portfolio 2 - 50% weighting, 40% pass mark, learning outcomes - A, B & E. Outline Details - A group based product following software development full-lifecycles and prototyping techniques to address a creative brief.

Formative Assessment for portfiolis - Seminar.