Course Information Undergraduate prospectus

Enterprise Server Management and Security

Course summary

Course code: COMP1691
Level: 6
Credits: 15
School: Architecture, Computing and Hums
Department: Computing and Information Sys.
Course Coordinator(s): Mariusz Pelc


Pre and co requisites

Computer and computer networks basics.


Provide students with knowledge about administration of network operating systems as well as configuration of core network services and securing of network resources.

Learning outcomes

On completing this course successfully you will be able to:

Install Windows and / or Linux operating system;
Manage local and remote users, groups and system resources according to specified requirements;
Install, configure and securely administrate selected network services and mechanisms;
Install, configure and manage security-related system mechanisms.

Indicative content

Windows and Linux system installation ¿ CD/DVD based and kick start installation.
Manage local and remote users and groups - LDAP service configuration.
Configure network interfaces and routing.
Image-based software distribution and setting up a local software repositories.
Installation and configuration of DHCP service and cache-only DNS service.
Installation and configuration of primary, secondary and reverse DNS service.
Installation and configuration of FTP and HTTP services.
Installation and configuration of MAIL service.
Installation and configuration of the IIS service - configuring selected services in Windows OS.
Installation and configuration of directory services via implementation of SAMBA and Active Directory services.
Linux router / firewall ¿ installation and configuration of a network .
Configure advanced security mechanisms based on SELinux.

Teaching and learning activity

a) Lectures - (50%) to introduce concepts and necessary theoretical background
b) Lab work - (50%) to develop practical skills needed to apply the theoretical concepts
individually or via group work

Learning Time (1 credit = 10 hours)

Scheduled contact hours:

Note: include in scheduled time: project supervision, demonstrations, practical classes and workshops, supervised time in studio or workshop, scheduled lab work , fieldwork, external visits, work-based learning where integrated into a structured academic programme:
lectures 24
supervised practical sessions 24
formative assessment
other scheduled time
Guided independent study

Note: include in guided independent study preparation for scheduled sessions, follow up work, wider reading or practice, revision:
Independent coursework 50
Independent laboratory work 50
other non-scheduled time 2
Placements (including work placement and year abroad)
Total hours ('Should be equal to credit x 10')


Logbook - 50%
The logbook comprises on compilation of labs weekly reports written based on group work results.

Exam - 50%

Pass mark - 40%