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Digital Media Campaign

Course summary

Course code: COMP1755
Level: 6
Credits: 30
School: Architecture, Computing and Hums
Department: Computing and Information Sys.
Course Coordinator(s): Darrenlloyd Gent


Pre and co requisites

Level 5 course in Digital Media Production.


Upon completion of this course, students will have taken their ability to produce digital media content and apply it to a media campaign with an online presence across social media. Students will be able to target, engage and analyse audience participation for an event utilising digital media branding and marketing to effectively communicate the principles and purpose of an organisation.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

1 Carry out a rigorous investigation to the possibilities that current & emerging technologies provide for engaging audiences
2 Propose a campaign that can effectively target, analyse and engage a wide range of audiences through social media, with due consideration to legal, social and ethical issues plus any commercial and economic risks that may arise from this activity.
3 Demonstrate the ability to work in a team with members from diverse backgrounds following industry practices.
4 Demonstrate ability to develop creative solutions to problems, think independently, analytically and creatively and engage actively with new areas of investigation.
5 Apply and evaluate appropriate techniques for online digital media content delivery.
6 Apply and evaluate appropriate techniques for an interactive multimedia installation or presentation.

Indicative content

Social Media platforms.
Audience Analytics
Visual Effects and Motion Graphics
Online media content delivery
Onsite media content delivery
Converging media – Video, animation, VFX and games technologies
Live video manipulation
Media event and campaign case studies
Chroma key
Motion Tracking
Projection Mapping

Teaching and learning activity

This course balances technical and theory in lectures, with application and experimentation in labs. Students will regularly engage in critical seminars, explaining research into the technologies and platforms, discussing. This will normally be in the format of an 1 hour lecture, followed by a 1 hour tutorial and then a 1 hour lab session, though it may vary in implementation.


Development Portfolio - 50% weighting, 40% pass mark.
A portfolio that assesses the development of the campaign. The portfolio applies and evaluates a digital media campaign delivered through social media and online sites and applications. 3000 words.

Delivery Portfolio - 50% weighting, 40% pass mark.
A portfolio that assesses the delivery of the campaign. The portfolio applies and evaluates a digital media driven event delivered in a physical location. 3000 words.

Formative Assessment - Seminars of ideas, experiments and research to peers and staff.
Demonstrations of lecture and lab content applied to prototypes with critical feedback from peers and lecturers.