Course Information Undergraduate prospectus

Advanced Financial Accounting

Course summary

Course code: ACCO1115
Level: 6
Credits: 15
School: Business Faculty
Department: Accounting and Finance
Course Coordinator(s): Dawn Reilly


Pre and co requisites

ACCO1124 or equivalent (direct-entry students)


The aims of the course are: to extend and consolidate prior learning (Level 5) by introducing current and more complex issues relating to financial accounting; to place students in a position to critically review, evaluate and contextualize advanced aspects of practical and theoretical financial accounting, controversial aspects and current issues; to understand and question concepts and practice of financial accounting in a broad context; to develop an understanding of issues that impact on the financial environment and reporting; to be able to present and communicate financial information using a wider range of accounting techniques that may be used by investors and other stakeholders.

Learning outcomes

1. Critically review and evaluate current financial accounting practice and theory from having developed a thorough understanding of advanced financial reporting standards.
2. Understand, interpret and synthesise appropriate scenario data in order to prepare more complex financial accounting standards.
3. Communicate accounting information effectively to both accounting and non-accounting users of financial statements.
4. Have an awareness of current accounting issues and developments.

Indicative content

The course covers the development and progressively more complex financial reporting aspects building on level 5 and focused on International Accounting Standards and selected current issues.
The joint coursework (with ACCO 1114) requires the production of a research essay in a topical area.

Teaching and learning activity

CIFA Lectures will be used to introduce the topics and techniques covered by the course and tutorials will focus on discussion and analysis of simulated scenarios, usually relating to the previous lecture material. Tutorials will sometimes be by student led presentations of previously-set material and thus used as a vehicle to develop presentation skills. Contact through lectures will provide a subject focus for the course. The lectures will stimulate an enquiring and exploratory approach to the study of the subject through guided analysis and reflection.

Seminars will involve student centred activities such as presentations and group discussions based on directed reading and set exercises. Each week students will be presented with exercises and case studies which they will be required to prepare for the following weeks’ seminar. The seminars will also provide a forum for considering questions and issues students raise as a result of their private study.

To facilitate and support independent learning, students will be provided with a reading list that will cover general background literature and more specialist and topical material drawn from the prescribed textbooks, journal articles and the financial and business press.

The joint ACCO 1114/ACCO 115 coursework (the ‘CIA research essay’) will be separately supported with seminars aiding and monitoring students in their essay progression with advice on structure, referencing etc.


Examination - 60|% weighting, 40% pass amrk, learning outcomes 1-4.

Formative Assessment - Tutorial questions.

Individual research essay - 40% weighting, 40% pass mark, learning outcomes 1-4. Outline Details - Research in areas adjacent
to, but not directly addressed, by taught elements.3000 words.

Formative Assessment - Specific support sessions