Course Information Undergraduate prospectus

Quantitative Methods

Course summary

Course code: ACCO1158
Level: 4
Credits: 15
School: Business Faculty
Department: Accounting and Finance
Course Coordinator(s): Joanna Molyn-Blanchfield



The course aims to develop students' ability to develop arguments and justify conclusions using numerical information. The course teaches statistical and analytical skills and aims to develop students' numerical skills and understanding of numbers specifically in a financial context. It is also vital that arguments stemming from numerical analysis are communicated clearly.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

1 Apply knowledge and understanding of basic statists to summarise and analyse data.

2 Evaluate basic mathematics.

3 Present, evaluate and interpret quantitative data in order to develop lines of argument and make sound judgments in the accordance with basic theories and concepts of the area of Accounting & Finance.

Indicative content

• Basic Business Mathematics. Solving equations and inequalities, simultaneous and quadratic equations. Linear and quadratic functions.
• Basic probability calculations, understanding of normal distribution and use of statistical tables. Risk and uncertainty.
• Inter relationships between variables: Use of statistical forecasting techniques: correlation, simple linear regression, time series and trends in time series.

Teaching and learning activity

Lectures will be used to introduce the mathematics and statistical techniques covered by the course. These lectures will be supported by tutorials which will focus on calculations and analysis. Tutorials will be also used to review previously-set exercises based on Accounting & Finance area. Tutorials will allow students to practice and review a variety of quantitative and statistical exercises to turn data into information.

To facilitate and support independent learning student will be provided with fortnightly-scheduled online homework.


Methods of SUMMATIVE Assessment: Online Homework
Outcome(s) assessed by summative assessment
(Please use the numbers above to refer to these): 1,2,3
Grading Mode: Numeric
Weighting: 20%
Pass Mark: 40%
Outline Details: These homeworks are designed to assist students’ independent learning.

Methods of SUMMATIVE Assessment: Closed Book Examination
Outcome(s) assessed by summative assessment
(Please use the numbers above to refer to these): 1, 2, 3
Grading Mode: Numeric
Weighting: 80%
Pass Mark: 40%
Word Length
Outline Details: The 2-hour exam consists of four questions. Students are required to answer three questions. All questions carry equal marks.