Course Information Undergraduate prospectus

Innovation in Action

Course summary

Course code: BUSI1322
Level: 6
Credits: 15
School: Business Faculty
Department: Systems Management and Strategy
Course Coordinator(s): Anne-Marie Coles


Pre and co requisites

Pre-requisites BUSI 1326


1. Demonstrate that innovation is a creative process that fuels new ideas which in turn make invention possible.
2. Develop conceptual thinking as to how the practice of innovation results in both radical and incremental change and demonstrate how it forms an important part of entrepreneurial activity.
3. Promote discussion and reflection on the various knowledge‐based industries such as science, engineering and creative industries and how they differ in fostering innovation.
4. Present the students with useful insights into developing innovations and taking these ideas into practice.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

1 Cognitive Skills, evaluation and critical analysis of core concepts relating to innovation activities from the point of inventions through to technology obsolescence.
2 Generic Competencies to set goals such as influencing, planning, questioning, listening, persuading, group participation during the tutorial activities, time management.
3 Practical and Professional Elements - Ability to draw upon critical thinking, discursive skills, ability to develop evidence based arguments, time management and creativity in developing their personal innovation research project.

Indicative content

The following intellectual content will be introduced, discussed and developed during this course:
Innovation as a firm level process: new technologies from concept to invention; innovation to design, the significance of increasing complexity and risk in the innovation environment; role of innovative small firms
Societal pressures on the direction of innovation: sustainable technologies, technology and controversy; international transfer of technologies; assessing success and failure of innovation.

Teaching and learning activity

These will be a mixture of: lectures; supported open learning materials; participation in tutorial discussions; library and on‐line searches; preparation for verbal assessment; analysis and synthesis of course and other materials.


Method of assessment: Individual presentation
Outcomes assessed: 1,2,3
Weighting %: 20
Pass Mark: 40
Word Length: n/a
Outline Details: Carry out a professional level presentation on your chosen innovation specifically justifying your choice of technology and indicating your categorisation.

Method of assessment: Essay
Outcomes assessed: 1,2,3
Weighting %: 80
Pass Mark: 40
Word Length: 3000
Outline Details: Select a significant innovation and carry out background research on its development from a chosen perspective. Report on findings by writing an academic essay.

Nature of FORMATIVE assessment supporting student learning: Tutorial activities, including essay guidance, student led course work session , specific sessions to introduce ideas for the individual research project. Tutorial activities, including presentation guidance, student led course work session