Course Information Undergraduate prospectus

Managing Global Business Networks

Course summary

Course code: BUSI1574
Level: 5
Credits: 15
School: Business Faculty
Department: International Bus and Economics
Course Coordinator(s): Riccardo De Vita


Pre and co requisites



The aims of the course are to:
• introduce learners to a network approach to organizational phenomena analysis and understanding;
• develop a set of skills to formally analyze and interpret organizations and their environment;
• equip learners with a unique set of skills which will be valuable for their future studies and in their career.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

1 Demonstrate an understanding of the embedded nature of organizational behaviours
2 analyse and interpret formal and informal organizational structures
3 master a new piece of software to perform organizational network analysis
4 suggest practical changes to improve organizational functioning and performance
5 Analyse global production networks and the relevance of multiple stakeholders

Indicative content

Module 1 – A network approach to organizations
• Introducing the network perspective in organization studies
• Formal and informal organizational structures
• Organizational culture, politics and power
Module 2 – The boundary of the firm
• Vertical and horizontal boundaries of firm
• Strategic networks
Module 3 – Interorganizational networks
• Global supply chains
• Global production networks
• The relevance of location in a globalised world

Teaching and learning activity

Workshops, integrating short introductory theoretical presentations and practical exercises using research software and case study discussions.
Research activities, in preparation for assessment.
Self‐managed learning and self reflection, in preparation for tutorial workshops and assessment.
Peer‐review activities, when relevant, both online and offline to share knowledge and establish a community of learners.


Global Company Analysis - 100% weighting, pass mark 40%.
Outline Details - An analysis of a multinational company of students’ choice, including analysis of online available ownership and CEO data and the application of theories covered in the course.

Formative Assessment - Weekly tasks on a standard dataset in preparation to the final report; regular entries and discussion on online learning diary.