Course Information Undergraduate prospectus

Personal and Professional Development 3

Course summary

Course code: BUSI1592
Level: 6
Credits: 15
School: Business Faculty
Department: International Bus and Economics
Course Coordinator(s): Catherine Farrant


Pre and co requisites


Introduction and rationale

For a number of years effective employability of graduates has been on the agenda of UK universities. Employers have been raising concerns with the level of skills graduates bring to their professional lives. Most of the skills identified were transferrable or soft skills. University of Greenwich has been successfully incorporating The Employability PPD Policy into its strategy and this particular course is designed as a continuation of PPD 1 (year1) and PPD2 (year2) in terms of its employability focus. The course intends to provide learning environment and an opportunity for learners to demonstrate their capacity of becoming modern professionals.


The aims of the PPD 3 course are to:
build on the knowledge and skills relating to employability taught in PPD1 and 2
enable learners to master the practical knowledge and skills linked to the recruitment process and continuous career development
provide learners with a set of tools and a range of skills to become more effective communicators
assist learners to become more effective team players as well as team leaders
encourage creativity potential within a real business setting
develop learners into reflective managers
assist learners in managing their own learning and professional development.

Learning outcomes

On completing this course successfully students will be able to:
have a comprehensive graduate employability profile;
understand their own professional and interpersonal strengths and weaknesses;
know how to target prospective employers depending on their individual professional profiles;
know how to present themselves effectively to employers in a variety of scenarios and settings;
be effective communicators, able to exercise influence in a variety of professional settings and capable of leading a team;
understand and effectively exercise their individual professional development goals and aspirations.

Indicative content

Module 1 - Understanding Professional Self:
personal development planning;
knowledge versus skills;
competence and level of skill; learning from others;
training and development; experiential learning;
improving your personal creativity.
Module 2 - Towards my Future Career:
Professional networking
Which job is right for me and which job am I good for;
Reaching your professional goals.
Module 3 - Exercising Leadership:
Teams and performance;
Team member versus team leader;
Becoming a leader and influencing others.
Module 4 - Reflective Practitioner:
Importance of reflection;
Mastering confidence, self-efficacy and self-belief;
Continuous learning and development.

Teaching and learning activity

Tutor led seminars, where the main areas and aspects of professional development will be discussed and presented.
Employability Office led Career Workshops to encourage students to focus on their career prospects,
encourage students to start applying to graduate roles and
assist students with CVs, applications, interviews.
Student led tutorials, where they will be able to demonstrate their professional skills through specific group activities.
In-dependent and Group learning, in preparation for in-class and assessment activities.
Self-managed learning, in preparation for tutorial activities and for the purposes of on-going individual professional development.
Self-reflection, on the main areas of professional development and implications on individual future career prospects.
Peer-review activities, to share individual experiences and develop a professional network.

Learning Time (1 credit = 10 hours)
Contact Hours Self- reflection tutorials 12;
Tutor led seminars 12;
Student led practical sessions 12;
Career workshops 12;
other n/a;
Private Study 50;
Assignments: course work and other forms of assessment - coursework 64.


CW1 - 20%
Individual Work

CW2 - 30%
Group Activity

CW3 - 50%
Self-Reflection Professional Development Portfolio.
2500 words.

Activity Engagement - 0%
Students should have participated in at least 80 per cent of practical activities.

Pass mark - 40%