Course Information Undergraduate prospectus

Consultancy Project

Course summary

Course code: BUSI1627
Level: 6
Credits: 30
School: Business Faculty
Department: Accounting and Finance
Course Coordinator(s): Kevin Williams / Frederico Farinas-Almeida



This course aims to integrate the skills developed throughout the degree programme in the areas of financial modelling and business analysis with the complexities of problem solving and solution delivery for a client’s practical business problem.

The course provides students the opportunity to experience, explore and evaluate the practical application of business concepts through a client consulting scenario. Students must complete tasks such as problem evaluation, client pitch and final proposal presentation as part of a consulting team with fellow students.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

1 Critically review academic literature principles methodologies, strategies and tools for problem solving practice with an ethical, sustainability and Problem-Structuring Method focus
2 Critically analyse and interpret client data and identify and analyse additional sources of data to provide academic and data-backed solutions.
3 Develop enhanced client facing project presentation skills. Develop client proposals and the skills to “pitch” them to the client.
4 Prepare consultancy level project report making effective use of academic literature.
5 Understanding how to apply risk analysis methodologies to project proposals
6 Apply project review methodologies and reflect on personal development during the project.

Indicative content

• Review of established academic literature on problem solving strategies, methodologies and techniques.
• Define appropriate research and consultancy problem objectives and design a corresponding project strategy and implementation plan using a structured methodology.
• Evaluation of business data sources for supporting idea development and decisions
• Produce a client specific solution incorporating the above and applied project risk evaluation principles and techniques
• Client pitch tools and techniques
• Approaches to consolidate, interpret and communicate analytical findings to clients in presentations and reports.
• Project reviewing techniques and critical reflection

Teaching and learning activity

This course will be delivered through weekly two hour seminar sessions.

To facilitate and support independent learning, students will be provided with weekly exercises and example mini cases to test and apply methods taught in-class. An online set of reference materials and reading list is also provided to cover general background and more specialist and topical material drawn from the industry experts, specialist forums, prescribed textbooks/handbooks and also commentaries issued by practitioners.


Client Pitch & Q & A - Problem evaluation - 20% weigting, 40% pass mark, learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 & 6, Outline Details - Portfolio. 1000 words.

Client Presentation – solution proposals - 30% weighting, 40% pass mark, learning outcomes 3, 4 & 5. Outline Details - Presentation.

Consultancy Report - 50% weighting, 40% pass mark, learning outcomes 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6. Outline Details - Report.

Students are not required to pass all components in order to pass the course.