Course Information Undergraduate prospectus

Quantitative Finance Research Project

Course summary

Course code: FINA1109
Level: 6
Credits: 15
School: Business Faculty
Department: Accounting and Finance
Course Coordinator(s): Kefei You



This course provides students with the opportunity to apply the practical skills and knowledge of research techniques that have been established in the Quantitative Research Methods course in order to investigate a quantitative research project within the field of finance.

The students will develop an understanding of the difference between theory and practice and will critically evaluate topical finance issues.
Students will evaluate a chosen topic with the academic rigor suitable for work at the BSc level using and applying skills and academic knowledge which have been acquired throughout the programme.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

1. Plan and deliver a quantitative based research project which focuses upon topical issues in Finance.
2. Critically assess theoretical concepts and apply relevant research methodologies.
3. Identify, source and analyse relevant data and then discuss quantitative results clearly and effectively.
4. Incorporate analytical evaluation within the document to demonstrate understanding of the quantitative theories and analytical methods which have been covered in the Quantitative Research Methods course.

Indicative content

Research topic discussion
Definition of aims and scopes
How to write a literature review
Research method and research methodology
Quantitative data collection
Preliminary findings

Teaching and learning activity

The course will be delivered through by tutor-led workshop and independent student-centered activities. Self-development will be facilitated through reflective learning based on specified work related experiences. Students will be expected to attend lectures regularly and complete both classroom and self-managed exercises. You will be given tasks to complete individually.
The aim of the Quantitative Finance Research Projects course is to support students in producing a detailed, well-developed project by the end of this course in all its contents from a clear research topic through a reasonable method and methodology, an accurate literature ending with clear findings and consistent conclusions.

There are two separate elements to the Quantitative Finance Research Projects course:
1. the taught component of the course a) introduces students to the requirements of the research project and provides them with guidance on how to deal with every part of the project; and b) provides students with the skills to deliver a good piece of work and avoid common mistakes.
2. the independent self study element of the course, which is strongly driven by students’ efforts, with guidance on your chosen topic. This guidance is provided by your supervisor.

This course will be delivered through 2 hour weekly lectures.


Methods of SUMMATIVE Assessment: Course work 1.
Outcome(s) assessed by summative assessment: 1 and 2.
Grading Mode: Numeric
Weighting % 30%
Pass Mark 40%
Word Length 2,000
Outline Details : Submission of dissertation aims, scopes, research question, literature, methodology.

Methods of SUMMATIVE Assessment: Course work 2
Outcome(s) assessed by summative assessment: 3 and 4.
Grading Mode Numeric
Weighting % 70%
Pass Mark 40%
Word Length 4,000
Outline Details: Final Dissertation Submission.
Nature of FORMATIVE assessment supporting student learning: Feedback from coursework 1.

Students are not required to pass all components in order to pass the course.