Course Information Undergraduate prospectus

Management Practice 1

Course summary

Course code: INDU1106
Level: 4
Credits: 15
School: Business Faculty
Department: Human Res and Organisational Beh
Course Coordinator(s): David Williams



• The criteria for and the characteristics of high-performance organisational cultures
• The strategic and business-related benefits to be gained from the design and implementation of continuous and consistent programmes intended to create/sustain a high-performance organisation with a psychologically engaged workforce
• Ways in which the performance and commitment of people in organisations can be optimised, including the removal of generic barriers to effective employee engagement
• Specific mechanisms to enhance the performance and commitment of people within their own organisation, including the elimination or reduction of those factors that inhibit effective employee contribution

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

1. Explain the principle factors in the external environment that affect the development and application of people management skills
2. Explain the factors which typically inhibit the design, development and delivery of people management skills
3. Understand the business/ethical/legal rationale for a systematic approach to people management approaches.
4. Understand the systematic methods for recruiting, selecting and retaining staff.
5. Understand the systematic methods for training/learning/development needs of both individuals and groups
6. Understand the systematic methods for performance measurement, appraisal and approaches to reward/retention/recognition of both individuals and groups

Indicative content

Self Development.
Communicating with colleagues.
Planning and organising work including processes such as delegation to ensure effective employee engagement.
Working and collaborating with others including recognising employee contribution.
Individual and Team Performance including team building and group formation..
Providing customer service including strategies and tactics to effectively manage both internal and external customer relationships
Human Resource Planning (HRP) including identification of weaknesses in staffing and skills levels in the organisation.
Recruitment and selection of staff including identifying appropriate recruitment and selection methods.
Being a Leader including integrative leadership and managing diversity.
Understanding Team Dynamics and Performance including objective setting, performance management plus discipline and grievance management.
Reward Management processes including measurement of the value of jobs and ensuring fair and effective remuneration.
The effective provision of conflict resolution techniques plus providing counselling support to employees.

Teaching and learning activity

The learning will initially be tutor-led but students will be expected to undertake pre-reading and take a more active role within discussions and case studies used. Students will be encouraged to use their own knowledge and experience as part of discussion and investigation of theoretical application. As the assessment of the course will be 100% course work, tutorials will be utilised to enable students to discuss their learning and development plus progress towards completion of coursework.

Case studies, DVDs and discussion questions will form the foundation of the tutorials whilst the lecture will be in traditional format but attempts will be made to interact students in lectures via questions directed at the class for comment.

Moodle will be utilised to provide additional learning opportunities and materials.


Coursework 1 - 50% weighting, 40% pass mark, learning outcomes 1 - 3 & 6.
Outline Details - A Reflective composite document compromising four learning logs. Students produce a Reflective Learning Log consisting of a set number of weekly learning logs. These will be featured in one official submission. 2,000 words.

Formative Assessment - A number of case studies and exercises will be used in class to support the first assignment e.g. effective delegation exercises.

Coursework 2 - 50% weighting, 40% mass mark, learning outcomes 4 - 5.
Outline Details - A Case Study featuring Recruitment and Selection. Students produce Recruitment, Selection and Induction guidelines for fictional start up business. 2,000 words.

Formative Assessment - A number of case studies and exercises will be used in class to support preparation of case study answers e.g. students developing an induction programme.