Course Information Undergraduate prospectus

Assistant Healthcare Practitioner: An Introduction

Course summary

Course code: OMED1307
Level: 4
Credits: 30
School: Education and Health
Department: Adult Nursing and Paramed. Sci
Course Coordinator(s): Patricia Evans



This course aims to

1. Introduce and explore the political and professional issues which influence the assistant healthcare practitioner role.
2. Enable the student to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to effectively undertake assistant healthcare practitioner role.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

1. Discuss the ethical, legal and professional issues related to healthcare provision within their clinical area.
2. Explain the role and boundaries of the assistant healthcare practitioner within the current context of healthcare provision.
3. Demonstrate the skills, values and attributes required to develop therapeutic relationships, empower, work in partnership and negotiate care with patients and families/carers.
4. Participate effectively in the delivery of care within the multidisciplinary team.

Indicative content

Diversity and inequalities.
Values clarification.

Legal and professional issues.
Role boundaries.

Assessment, care planning, evaluation and documentation.
Assessment tools.
Inter-professional / multi-professional working/ interagency working.
Negotiation, partnership and empowerment, concordance and compliance.
Clinical skills related to students practice e.g. - wound assessment, pain management, respiratory assessment, blood glucose assessment, falls assessment.

Teaching and learning activity

• Lectures with discussion
• Skill sessions
• Small group work
• The VLE (Moodle) will be used as a platform for on-line activities, guided and independent reading to facilitate the development of evidence based knowledge
• Learning in Practice will involve the student in applying their knowledge and skills to the care of adults across secondary, primary and community care settings.


Written assignment - 100%
3000 word essay.
Pass mark - 40%
The graded assignment will enable the students to discuss their role and apply theoretical learning to a selected aspect of patient care.

Practice assessment document - Pass/Fail

Students must pass both components of the assessment to successfully complete the course.