Course Information Undergraduate prospectus

Transition to Assistant Healthcare Practitioner

Course summary

Course code: OMED1310
Level: 5
Credits: 30
School: Education and Health
Department: Adult Nursing and Paramed. Sci
Course Coordinator(s): Irena Chojnacka



The course will provide the student with the opportunity to:

1. Explore the relationship between clinical demands, organisational goals and the role of the assistant healthcare practitioner within the multidisciplinary team.

2. Select and utilise contemporary, evidence based healthcare strategies within the role of the assistant healthcare practitioner.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

1 Use recognised decision making models to prioritise and manage situations effectively taking into account the implications of resource management.
2 Reflect upon and develop their skills in facilitating safe practice of others in relation to peer support, supervision, teaching and advising, within the assistant healthcare practitioner role.
3 Manage the challenges associated with their role transition within a multidisciplinary team.
4 Discuss styles of leadership and their potential impact on healthcare provision.
5 Justify the selection of strategies used for care and decision for appropriate referral.

Indicative content

• organisational culture
• decision making models
• critical incident /reflection frameworks
• prioritising care and resources
• role expectations and perceptions of others
• advocacy
• leadership styles
• team task, individual
• problem solving
• evidence based practice
• skills for teaching and supervising
• Patient Risk Assessment

Skills for practice:
Numeracy skills

Teaching and learning activity

group work;
self directed study.

Learning Time (1 credit = 10 hours)


Written assignment - 100%.
2000 words.
L.O. 1,2,3,4,5.
Using a critical incident framework reflect upon a decision that you have made in practice. Your work should investigate the rationales for it and evaluate the decision making process drawing on a range of contemporary evidence.
Pass mark - 40%.

Practice Assessment Document - Pass/Fail.
L.O. 1,2,3,4,5.

Students must pass both components of the assessment to successfully complete the course.