Course Information Undergraduate prospectus

Creative Content Marketing

Course summary

Course code: MARK1225
Level: 4
Credits: 15
School: Business Faculty
Department: Marketing, Events and Tourism
Course Coordinator(s): Mudra Mukesh



The course aims to develop an understanding of content marketing for web, mobile, social media, as well as, on occasion, offline media.
It aims to develop understanding of the role of content marketing in attracting, acquiring, and engaging customers and influencers to drive profitable customer interaction though the creation and distribution of relevant, valuable content to clearly defined and understood target audiences.
It aims to give students valuable practical experience of creating visual and written content and of monitoring engagement and ROI with different types of content through the use of online metrics.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

1 Define, describe and give examples of the range of ‘content’ required by different platforms, channels and differing product/service sectors
2 Outline the key components of a content marketing plan and define audiences and objectives
3 Understand the role of content in driving traffic to other media and channels and subsequently in developing engagement
4 Demonstrate some familiarity with content management tools for two or more platforms and use examples of metrics that help optimise the effectiveness of content marketing
5 Understand and outline a workflow process to manage content on time, to budget and to meet marketing objectives
6 Create or curate relevant written and visual content for content marketing plan

Indicative content

Web 2.0 – from selling to educating, engagement and involvement.
Researching the audience. Needs and wants in the customer journey.
Customer personas and journeys
Identifying key messages and creating ‘stories’
Tools for managing and measuring
Measuring success: analytics and KPIs
The basics of search engine optimisation
Community building and engagement; friends, likes, followers
Managing actionable plans

Teaching and learning activity

A series of lectures and discussions introduce students to the key concepts of content marketing. A brief will be given to develop a content marketing plan whilst workshops support students with hands-on experience of some of the tools to manage content on a website or blog and on a social media platform such as Twitter, Vine, Instagram or Pinterest (or other emerging platforms) and to monitor and evaluate online activity and engagement.
Students will plan, schedule and develop digital content for an organisation or campaign.


Group Portfolio - 30% weighting, 40% pass mark, learning outcomes 4, 5 & 6. Outline Details - Online and digital artefacts produced to meet the brief. 100 words equivalent.

Individual Assessment - 70% weighting, 40% pass mark, learning outcomes 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6. Outlione Details - Individual report outlining the content marketing plan and assessing its effectiveness. 2000 words.