Course Information Undergraduate prospectus

Independent Mathematics Study

Course summary

Course code: MATH1060
Level: 5
Credits: 30
School: Architecture, Computing and Hums
Department: Mathematical Sciences
Course Coordinator(s): Anthony Mann


Pre and co requisites

Successful completion of first year.


Degree programmes in mathematical sciences share a common first and second year. Students taking specialist programmes in Mathematics, Statistics or Decision Science might in some cases benefit from undertaking a course of independent study in their specialist area in place of one of the standard courses which is not directly relevant to their specialist interest. This course allows a student on such a specialist programme to replace a course which is not central to their programme of study by suitable directed learning, in an area not covered elsewhere in the curriculum, under the supervision of a member of staff.

The consent of the Programme Leader is required in advance for each individual taking this course, and the Programme Leader must agree that (a) the course of study proposed is suitable and (b) that the student will not be significantly disadvantaged by not taking the level two courses which this course replaces.

Students will benefit not only from the technical knowledge acquired but from the personal development involved in planning and carrying out independent study.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will:

1. Have gained self-development skills in planning, carrying out and reflecting upon an independent course of study.
2. Have gained technical understanding of material in an area related to their specialist programme which is not covered elsewhere in the curriculum.

Indicative content

A course of study in an area or areas related to the student's specialist programme of study, agreed between the student and their supervisor. The quantity and level of content will approach that of other courses carrying 30 credits at level 5.

Teaching and learning activity

The student will negotiate and agree in writing their course of study with their supervisor.
There will be regular meetings between student and supervisor at roughly fortnightly intervals.
The student will undertake independent reading supported by working examples suggested by the supervisor.
The student will write a report on the topic(s) studied.


Summative assessment:

Independent Study Report - 70%
A 5000 word reflective report summarising the student's learning and including a logbook recording the student's reading and the exercises worked through.
5000 words
LO - 1, 2.

Independent Study presentation - 20%
A 20 minute presentation to supervisor and assessor outlining the student's course of study.
LO - 1, 2.

Independent Study logbook - 10%
The student will maintain a logbook of their work and their meetings with the supervisor.
1500 words.
LO - 1, 2.

Formative assessment: Regular logbook entries.