Course Information Undergraduate prospectus

Brand, Consumer and Technology PR

Course summary

Course code: MEDS1084
Level: 6
Credits: 15
School: Business Faculty
Department: Marketing, Events and Tourism
Course Coordinator(s): Mark Phillimore



To study the context, planning and management of consumer PR and tech PR campaigns.
To identify the role of the consumer and understand consumption influences both in a historical context and also to explore new influences such as brand communities, sustainability and the alternative consumer.
To explore the interface with marketing and provides an understanding of how such PR campaigns will typically be part of a wider brand management programme.
To identify and apply measurement and evaluation techniques including those used in social media.
To understand the importance of digital media and co-creational influences on PR.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

1. Research and plan consumer PR and tech PR programmes.
2. Critically evaluate the consumer journey and the influences which impact on the decision making process for the consumer and how this journey influences communication processes
3. Analyze how PR works alongside a range of marketing and communication disciplines and within an overall brand management programme
4. Analyse and apply appropriate measurement and evaluation techniques to a consumer PR or tech PR programme and understand how these relate to relevant brand and marketing metrics.
5. Review the historical growth of consumerism and understanding of new influences and how these impact on the communications process.
6. Identify key influencers in the consumer and technology sectors and how to engage them.

Indicative content

Students will understand how to research, plan and manage consumer PR and tech PR programmes. Both sectors have strong co-creational influences and the course explores the co-creational process and the implications for PR programmes working with active and engaged consumers and influencers. Both consumer PR and tech PR have strong social media involvement and this aspect is explored in detail. Both consumer PR and tech PR are typically working closely with multi-disciplinary teams and the course explores how communications fits in within overall brand management processes. In particular, measurement and evaluation techniques are fully explored including relevant marketing and brand management metrics. The historical development of the consumer is explored and new areas of development including co-creation, brand community and sustainability are analysed.

Teaching and learning activity

This is a course which takes students existing knowledge and focuses it on a significant PR sector and area of specialism. It therefore lends itself as a course to student centred learning. To encourage this process, students will present briefly each week on a consumer PR programme of their choice to build up overall insight and experience across the students. There are two assignments; the first a group presentation and report and the second one an individual assignment.


Methods of SUMMATIVE Assessment Group Report
Outcome(s) assessed by summative assessment 3, 4
Weighting % 30%
Pass Mark 40%
Word Length 1500
Outline Details Students undertake a presentation and then produce a final written report for grading.

Nature of FORMATIVE assessment supporting student learning - Feedback following presentation to enhance report

Methods of SUMMATIVE Assessment Individual assignment
Outcome(s) assessed by summative assessment 1,2,5,6.
Weighting % 70%
Pass Mark 40%
Word Length 3000

Nature of FORMATIVE assessment supporting student learning - Group Discussion