Course Information Undergraduate prospectus

Cross-Cultural Psychology

Course summary

Course code: PSYC1092
Level: 6
Credits: 15
School: Education and Health
Department: Psych., Social Wk and Counsell.
Course Coordinator(s): Sofia Stathi


Pre and co requisites

Normally 30 credits of Psychology courses


This course will introduce the field of Cross-Cultural Psychology and place the study of human behaviour and experience in the context of culture, norms and values. The globalisation of the employment and education market, as well as large migration and refugee movements, make Cross-Cultural Psychology a pertinent academic domain. The course aims to provide critical overviews of theoretically-driven and applied areas of research on cross-cultural topics of examination. With new research in the field rapidly emerging, the course also aims to facilitate a critical approach of how the interplay between people and culture shapes attitudes and predicts behaviour. Furthermore, the course aims to engage students in a process of observing, understanding and interpreting social issues from the lens of cross-cultural psychological theory and practice.

Learning outcomes

1 Critically evaluate concepts and theories in cross cultural psychology
2 Integrate research and theory in approaching complex issues such as multiculturalism and integration
3 Demonstrate awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of cross cultural approaches to psychology
4 Create direct links between cultural problems or issues and the theoretical and applied dimensions underlying these issues
5 Debate the role of culture in social, educational and employment settings

Indicative content

• Historical perspectives in cross-cultural psychology
• Research methods in cross-cultural research
• Personality and motivation
• Emotion
• Language and communication
• Physical and mental health
• Women, men and gender roles
• Interpersonal attraction and close relationships
• Acculturation
• Cultures in contact and in conflict

Teaching and learning activity

• Interactive lectures and seminars
• Participative exercises
• Video presentations in classroom
• Role plays


Seen Exam - 50%
In-class activities (e.g., tests, debates), seminar exercises
LOs 1,2,3
A 90 minute seen exam will follow the completion of the course. Students are asked to answer 2 questions, from a total of 4.
Grading Mode: Numerical
Pass Mark 40%

Poster presentation - 50%
In-class activities (e.g., reflections, videos), feedback from course leader.
LOs 2,4,5
Word Length -A1 poster size
Students will be asked to make a poster presentation that highlights how cross-cultural psychology informs the interpretation of a topical social issue of their choice. This assessment will take place at the end of the course.
Grading Mode: Numerical
Pass Mark 40%