Course Information Undergraduate prospectus

Academic and Personal Development

Course summary

Course code: RESE1130
Level: 4
Credits: 15
School: Education and Health
Department: Psych., Social Wk and Counsell.
Course Coordinator(s): Julia Morgan



This course aims to facilitate the acquisition of transferable academic and personal development skills that will assist students in their transition to Higher Education. These key transferable skills will be further developed throughout their degree programmes to ensure that they have the employability skills as well as the graduate attributes required by graduate recruiters. Students will be supported by a personal tutor who will weekly provide academic, personal and professional development guidance via the Department tutorial system. In order to consolidate these skills and attributes, students will be offered an opportunity to take part in a number of extra-curricular activities, although these will not form part of the course.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

Learning Outcome
1 Demonstrate developing skills to critically think and reflect on your learning experiences.
2 Search, retrieve and evaluate information from a variety of sources including databases, websites, Internet etc. in order to underpin academic activity.
3 Apply academic writing techniques to a range of assessment requirements, including essays and report writing, and reference source material in an accurate and consistent manner and, in particular, use competently the Harvard System.
4 Communicate and present ideas and information both orally and in writing clearly, concisely and appropriately using the necessary Information Technology (IT) packages e.g. word processing, databases, PowerPoint, email etc. effectively.
5 Demonstrate developing ability to reflect upon your learning and achievement and to plan for your personal education and career development and demonstrate the ability to engage in effective teamwork.

Indicative content

Information gathering skills: information technology skills, internet searching both locally and generally, information and library services, accessing information and searching the literature: books journals and electronic sources.

• Academic writing
• Critical thinking and reflection
• Communication skills
• Presentation skills
• Assignment (essay and report) writing
• Editing and proof reading
• Referencing, citation and plagiarism
• Revision and examination skills
• Team working skills and project management
• Time management and organisation
• Developing a personal and professional development plan

Teaching and learning activity

These will be a combination of lectures, seminars, group work, directed activities and tutorials. A number of activities related to the course content will be supported by a personal tutorial system. Students will be allocated to a personal tutor and formal meeting dates will be time-tabled whereby further academic guidance will be provided. This will include reviewing assessments and providing formative feedback and ensuring that feedback is acted upon. In addition, a number of extra-curricular activities where appropriate will be facilitated by programme leaders to further consolidate a number of the employability skills identified. Furthermore, students will be directed via Moodle to a number of relevant on-line resources and web sites.


Methods of SUMMATIVE Assessment: Coursework
Outcome(s) assessed by summative assessment (Please use the numbers above to refer to these): 1,2,3 &4
Grading Mode: Numeric
Weighting: 100%
Pass Mark: 40%
Word Length:1500
Outline Details: A review of an article demonstrating an understanding and use of the skills required in reviewing published work and a reflection on the experience of doing this exercise and the formative group presentation.
Nature of FORMATIVE assessment supporting student learning: Working in small groups, students will prepare a 15 minutes group presentation using PowerPoint.

Methods of SUMMATIVE Assessment: Personal Development Plan
Outcome(s) assessed by summative assessment (Please use the numbers above to refer to these). 5
Grading Mode: Pass/Fail
Outline Details: Personal and Professional Development Plan
Nature of FORMATIVE assessment supporting student learning: Directed activities facilitated by tutorials.

Students must pass all components to pass the course.