Course Information Undergraduate prospectus

Sustainable Transport

Course summary

Course code: TRAN1028
Level: 6
Credits: 15
School: Business Faculty
Department: Systems Management and Strategy
Course Coordinator(s): Nikolaos Thomopoulos



To provide an understanding of the issues involved in planning and managing transport systems. To examine the issues surrounding sustainable transport and the relationship of the transport sector with society. The intention is to review the impact of demography, politics and environmental factors on the development of transport for both passenger and freight sectors. This is interpreted primarily in the challenges faced by the principal modes of transport such as rail, maritime and road. Theories in transport management in general and practical aspects of the UK and European transport systems in particular are analysed, whereas case studies used are both from developed and developing countries.

Learning outcomes

Learning Outcomes: on successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

1 Critically appreciate the different aspects of transport i.e. passenger/freight, public transport and urban transportation and understand their place in public policy
2 Make distinctions and interpretations between different modes of transport and compare the criteria affecting the choice of mode in specific circumstances
3 Learn data collection techniques applicable in transport
4 Debate about transport challenges and present coherent arguments

Indicative content

1. Advanced knowledge about sustainable development, link between sustainability and transport, global megatrends, ICT and technological innovation in transport. 2. Transport planning and policy for different modes, passenger transport. 3. Freight and logistics.

Teaching and learning activity

Lectures; Tutorials; Readings; Case studies; Workshops including group discussions; Presentations and research activities; On-line resources; Site visits and guest speakers; Individual and group assessment.


Method of assessment: Portfolio
Weighting %: 100%
Pass Mark: 40%
Outline Details: Portfolio consists of 3 elements:
• Group presentation
• Reflective report (500w)
• Critical review (2500w)

Must all elements of summative assessment be passed to pass the course? Yes

Nature of FORMATIVE assessment supporting student learning: Formative assessment takes place in the form of group discussions, class debates and individual reflection. Online materials and site visits are also used to achieve learning outcomes.