Martin Compton

Martin Compton is Senior Lecturer in Teaching, Learning and Professional Development, within the Educational Development Unit at the University of Greenwich. Amongst a range of CPD, teacher education and research responsibilities, he is programme Leader for the Award in LTHE, course leader on the online PGCert HE and tutor to an international cohort.

Programme Leader for the University Award in Learning and Teaching in HE; Course Leader on PGCert HE; Lecturer on PGR Teaching and Learning strand; reviewer for Compass; reviewer and co-organiser for SHIFT; GOLD fellowship panel member; GOLD SFHEA mentor; CPD delivery and materials design (e.g. Personal Tutoring; Enhancing classroom engagement; Using Adobe Connect).

2005 Microsoft Innovative Teacher Award (Runner up)

2008 Teacher of the Year – Bradford College

2013 Colleague of the Year- West London College 2014 Teaching Fellowship – University of Westminster

Reviewer for innovations in Education and Teaching International

University of Westminster Teaching Fellow

Former JISC RSC London advisory board member

Former representative to UCET post 16 committee

Observations of teaching in HE (particularly the tensions between judgement and developmental observations); diffusion of educational technology implementation (focussing on cloud based educational and productivity tools); Trans National Education; Issues of Identity and Belonging amongst Post Graduate Research Students; Reading Compliance.

Compton, M. and Phillips, A. (2016 ) Improving reading compliance with whole class qualitative quiz questions. Compass: Journal of Learning and Teaching, 8(13).

Compton, M. (2016). The role of teaching observations: Developing or managing academic practice?. Compass: Journal of Learning and Teaching, 8(12).

Beaumont, B. & Compton, M. (2013). Using Flip Cameras to Activate Reflection and Collaboration. Teaching in lifelong learning: a journal to inform and improve practice, 4(2), 32-37.

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