Supporting teaching and learning About the university

The EDU will work with Schools and programme teams to build capacity for curriculum development that will enable University of Greenwich to stay ahead of the curve in respect of the development of 'fit-for-purpose' graduates and postgraduates.

As a core unit the EDU operates as a hub and network for best practice in learning and teaching. There is considerable experience and expertise within Schools and elsewhere within the university and one role of the unit is to harness this, build on significant achievements and bring together groups for the good of the whole university community.

Promoting excellence
Our initiatives in teaching and learning promote innovation and excellence across the university.

Greenwich Graduate
The Graduate Attributes Initiative aims to create an ethos devoted to student success within and beyond their period of study. 

Our conference series are designed to develop and share best practice in teaching and learning across the sector. 

Journal: Compass
Research, commentary and ideas around teaching and learning at the university.