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The University Court is the main decision making body of the University. It has the ultimate responsibility for the strategic plans of the University, and for the deployment of resources.

The Court monitors the overall performance of the University and holds the Vice-Chancellor accountable for effective and efficient management.

There are 17 members of the University Court which include the Vice-Chancellor and three members of staff drawn from teaching and research staff, professional services staff and the Academic Council.  The representative of the student body is normally the President of the Students' Union. The remaining members are selected for their experience and interest. Nominations for members of Court are regularly sought and are scrutinised by the Nominations, Staffing and Remuneration Committee.

The University of Greenwich is a company limited by guarantee and the University Court acts as the Board of Directors.

The University Secretary acts as Clerk to the University Court.

The Court conducts its business through a number of committees which consider in depth the matters under their remit. The Court currently has the following committees:

The Court Handbook provides Court Members with information on the operations and management of the University and the Court.  

Minutes of meetings 

University Court minutes

Archive of all minutes

Peter Garrod  

University Secretary