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In this section you can find out more about the tasks of the Court and access Court minutes, memorandum and articles.

The main tasks of the Court are:

  • to establish and maintain jointly with senior management the vision and values of the university in delivering relationships with stakeholders
  • to ensure that there are developed and brought to Court for challenge, resolution and adoption
    • a strategy for delivering the vision and values
    • a business plan for delivering strategy, to include resource allocation, budgets and key performance indicators
  • to monitor performance against delivery
  • to ensure that policies, management structure, and vehicles are in place to deliver the business plan with Court approval where necessary
  • to ensure that there is a sound management system for the control of risk
  • to oversee the discharge by Academic Council of its function
  • to appoint the Vice-Chancellor
  • to ensure effective monitoring of the university's relationship with its stakeholders.

Court minutes

Memorandum and articles