This group of over 30 musicians is made up of men and women of all ages including present and former members of staff, graduates and students as well as friends and supporters of the university.

The group all contribute to and perform in one or more of four bands, which rehearse weekly at the Avery Hill Campus.

The University of Greenwich Big Band

The brass section of the big band

A full Big band with Saxes, Trumpets, Trombones and Rhythm.This talented group, has entertained and delighted audiences of all ages. with concerts for the  University, and at various local and charity events

Founded in 1985 at the Music department of the Avery Hill Campus Rehearsals every Monday night.

Band Leader - Nigel Garrard

Jazz Improvisation

Sax player providing a soloThis is a small group session - rehearsals most Tuesday evenings.

This is an opportunity to develop improvisation skill, for front line brass and saxes, as well as the usual rhythm instruments.

Members of this group perform regularly at local jazz events including the Greenwich Jazz Festival

Players/instruments for this group include, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, keyboard, bass, guitar, drums. Reasonable sight reading essential. A unique opportunity to improvise in a variety of jazz styles

Band Leader- Ray Harvey

University Dance Band Group

The swing band groupMost Thursday evenings this group meets to play the sounds of the 1930s-40s Dance Bands

Like most swing bands the group has places for the usual brass and reed front line, and the normal rhythm section. We can often fit in new players for these sessions - good sight reading essential.

This group has often performed at events where the audience likes to dance - as well as listen.

Band Leader - Fred Parrett

West Coast Jazz

A West Coast Jazz performanceWest Coast Jazz is based on the music played by the Dave Pell octect in Los Angeles in the 1950's. This group used arangements by Shorty Rogers, Andre Previn of a range of familiar and popular tunes that were mainly used in Prom Dances in the USA. Basically dance msuic but wasy listening

The University group is also an Octect, with Trumpet, Trombone, Tenor and Baritone Sax, plus four section rhythm. Principally a rehearsal group but they do play at locla charity and jazz events.

Band Leader- Ray Harvey

To find out more contact Band Manager and former University of  Greenwich lecturer Fred Parrett on 020-8460-2116 or e-mail: