Date of release: Thursday, May 12, 2016

Why Europe needs investment: Conference and book launchThe consequences of an EU exit vote for investment in the UK is one of the subjects up for discussion during an international conference at the University of Greenwich this month.

Richard Burgon MP, Shadow Minister (Treasury), and Massimo D'Alema, a former Prime Minister of Italy, are among the speakers at Investment Policies for Sustainable Growth.

The conference on Monday 23 May will examine what financial resources can be used to generate more investment in innovative projects, and the impact of continued austerity policies on investment-led strategies.

The event will also mark a book launch. Finance and Industrial Policy: Beyond Financial Regulation in Europe is edited by Dr Giovanni Cozzi (Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Greenwich), Susan Newman (University of the West of England) and Jan Toporowski (SOAS), and is published by Oxford University Press.

Professor Ozlem Onaran, Director of the university's Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre, part of the Business School, says: "In order to see growth and employment across Europe it is essential to boost both public and private investment, and re-direct resources towards innovation and employment-focused activities.

"During the past 20 years investment across Europe has drastically declined, with severe negative consequences for growth and employment opportunities. Europe has also lagged behind in terms of innovation and technological development in comparison to other developed countries such as the US and Japan."

The event is organised by the Greenwich Political Economy Research Centre in partnership with the Foundation for European Progressive Studies and the Institute of Social Studies of the University of Rotterdam. It takes place between 4pm and 6.45pm at the Greenwich Campus (Queen Anne Court, Room 080).

Other speakers include Professor Stephany Griffith-Jones (IPD Columbia), Maria Joao Rodrigues MEP, Udo Bullmann MEP, Markus Berndt (European Investment Bank) and Dr Ernst Stetter (Foundation for European Progressive Studies).

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Picture: Queen Anne Court, University of Greenwich.