Date of release: Monday, July 11, 2016

Molecular Biology of CancerDr Lauren Pecorino of the University of Greenwich has achieved another publishing milestone with the news that her latest book will soon be translated into Chinese.

Molecular Biology of Cancer, described by one critic as a 'monumental achievement' in highlighting discoveries in this area, is now in its fourth edition. It has previously been translated into Italian, Japanese, and Korean.

According to her publisher, Oxford University Press, Dr Pecorino currently holds the second largest share of the market for cancer textbooks.

Within her work, Dr Pecorino explains cancer biology for undergraduate and graduate students. She looks at the cellular and molecular mechanisms underpinning the transformation of cells into cancer cells, and demonstrates how this knowledge can help tackle the disease via new targeted therapies.

Dr Pecorino is a Principal Lecturer in Cancer Biology in the university's Faculty of Engineering & Science, and is also the author of Why Millions Survive Cancer, another highly successful book published by Oxford University Press.

A Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, Dr Pecorino specialises in explaining complex concepts in medical science to a wide audience. Among her regular activities to "bring science to people", as she puts it, Dr Pecorino has held free public events, both in the UK and in the USA, to explain how people can reduce their risks of cancer through healthier lifestyle choices. She has also written a series of online articles for schoolchildren about science – one, for example, explains the basics of stem cells.

Critics have been fulsome in their praise for Molecular Biology of Cancer. Professor David Lyden, of Cornell University, wrote: "Dr Pecorino's monumental achievement highlights the most up-to-date and exciting discoveries." Dr Waqqar Ali, of Cork University Hospital, went further: "I think this is the only book which has been written for the learners. The writing style, illustrations and the unique features like 'pause and think' are unprecedented and very helpful. Lauren Pecorino must be a very good teacher," he wrote.

One Amazon reviewer added: "Reading this text was a pleasure, benefited me greatly educationally and made me feel like being a real part of the teaching – as though things were being explained to me in a one-on-one tutorial, an experience that most other medical textbooks don't provide."

Dr Pecorino says: "I think of my students as being partners in this book, as they have made valuable contributions and suggestions throughout".

The Society of Biology shortlisted Dr Pecorino, from the university's Department of Life & Sports Sciences, for a prestigious a Science Communication Award, in recognition of her efforts to explain science to the public.

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