Date of release: Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Robot Wars 2016 Trolley Rage A creation by engineering experts at the University of Greenwich will compete in the Robot Wars show at the Medway Campus later this month.

Trolley Rage is constructed, as its name implies, from the basket of a supermarket trolley. A remote control robot, it is powered by two wheelchair motor units using gel batteries.

Designers have yet to reveal the key weapon that Trolley Rage will be using in its bid to crush the TV favourites it will be taking on in the full-size Robot Wars arena at Medway on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September.

Trolley Rage is the brainchild of Professor Simeon Keates, Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor in the university's Faculty of Engineering & Science, and Dr Richard Seals, Principal Lecturer in Electronics.

Engineering technicians Andy Reed and Tony Dodson applied their construction skills in the labs to bring the design to life.

Dr Seals, who specialises in research into mobile and swarm robots, says Trolley Rage weighs in at 60kg and is a refined fourth-generation version of robots he has previously designed.

He adds: "I'm not sure we will win but I'm fairly confident we will give some of the TV robot stars a bit of a run around, and give the audience plenty of entertainment."

Professor Keates hopes that hosting Robot Wars at the university will help more young people discover the fun side of engineering and electronics.

He says: "Trolley Rage will be centre stage with the show robots. We are keeping our fingers crossed for several heats at least."

Professor Keates' team has spent the past year working with pupils from schools in Kent and London. The university engineers have helped youngsters design and build their own lighter weight robots. The school robots will compete in the show arena on Friday 23 September.

The university team will also be giving those attending the Robot Wars shows tips and advice about creating new robots for future competitions.

There are currently 55,000 unfilled engineering jobs in the UK – a figure set to rise as the demand for engineers continues to grow.

Professor Keates is keen to see more local young people taking advantage of the increasing number of opportunities to build professional engineering careers across a wide range of industries.

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Picture: Professor Simeon Keates with RoboThespian and the Trolley Rage robot.