Date of release: Monday, October 31, 2016

Engineering & Science lecture, Ageing, 23 Nov 2016Age is no excuse to stop improving our physical health with appropriate exercise and no one is too old to start, according to University of Greenwich sports physiologist Dr Bettina Karsten.

Dr Karsten will urge more people and health professionals to take the importance of exercise in an ageing population more seriously in a public lecture at the university's Medway Campus on Wednesday 23 November.

She will present the current understandings of physical ageing processes and outline exercise strategies to help counteract degeneration.

Dr Karsten says: "We slow down as we age and many people face limitations on what they can and cannot do. However, everyone can exercise within those limitations to improve their quality of life."

She has worked with elderly and young people, including athletes and sedentary populations, in rehabilitation centres in Germany. Now she wants to see many more people in the UK enjoying the benefits of appropriate exercises.

"We need to help our older people improve their resilience and reduce their risk of injuries as well their fears of hurting themselves," Dr Karsten adds. "People can take informed decisions and start helping themselves when they understand the content and appropriateness of specific types of exercise.

"The message is clear – it is never too late to start and it makes a real difference."

The university's Faculty of Engineering & Science public lecture is the first of a new series that will run between November and June.

It takes place in the Pembroke Building from 6.30pm and will be followed by light refreshments. To reserve a place, or for further information, call 0208 331 980 or email

Story by Public Relations

Picture: Medway Campus, University of Greenwich.