Date of release: Wednesday, November 2, 2016

drawings galleryAn exhibition celebrating the work of one of the most gifted and visionary architects of the last 30 years opens at the university next week.

Jan Kaplický, who arrived in London as a refugee after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, was the driving force behind a new school of architecture. He worked with leading figures, such as Denys Lasun, Richard Rogers and Norman Foster.

Kaplický's trademark futuristic style was gaining a wider audience when he died in 2009, aged 71.

The exhibition is curated by Nic Clear, Head of Architecture & Landscape, and a long-time Kaplický fan.

He says: "Kaplický always felt that drawings were the epitome of the 'decisive creative act', and the care and intricacy of his pcitures show the workings of a man who was passionate in the pursuit of precision.

"Produced before the rise of computer-aided drafting (CAD), the complexity of form and the delicacy of line are astonishing. His wit and originality, as well as a genuine commitment to the ethical use of technology and materials, show Kaplický's liberating and joyful approach to architecture. His virtuosity was a benchmark in the world of architecture for nearly three decades."

The exhibition includes material from a book published last year by Circa Press, featuring Kaplický's most iconic projects produced on his own and in collaboration with Future Systems partners David Nixon and Amanda Levete.

Nic adds: "The book is an exquistive testimonial to a man whose quest for a synthesis between technology and form was manifest in the detail and care that are apparent in every line.

"The drawings are presented at various scales to show Kaplický's obsessions and to demonstrate to a generation of brought up on CAD that the complexity of an idea maybe found in the economy of lines and not solely in their abundance."

Jan Kaplický 'drawings' takes place at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Greenwich Campus. It runs from Thursday 9 November until Friday 16 December.

There will be a discussion, chaired by Nic Clear, on Wednesday 16 November (6.30pm until 7.30pm) at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, looking at Kaplicky's work as part of the university's Hawksmoor International Lecture series.

Guest speakers include Eva Jiřičná, David Nixon and Deyan Sudjic, each of whom was close to Kaplický at different points in his career. Entry is free, but early arrival is advised to ensure a seat.

The Hawksmoor International Lecture Series 2016-2017:

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