Date of release: Friday, December 2, 2016

Jeremy Everett international appointmentsNew appointments are enabling a Greenwich professor to boost international research into the development of personalised medicines and healthcare.

Professor Jeremy Everett, from the university's Faculty of Engineering & Science, is an expert in metabolic profiling, also known as metabonomics – a new discipline examining and analysing body fluids such as blood, plasma and urine

The results of these studies can help disease diagnosis, and may also offer early indicators of disease long before clinical symptoms develop.

Professor Everett is also a co-discoverer of pharmacometabonomics which uses metabolic profiles to predict which drugs will be most effective and safe in patients.

He says: "The study of genes, and mapping the human genome, is valuable, but limited in what it can deliver. All animals, including people, are much more complicated than their genes.

"Examining metabolites tells us so much more about a person's individual metabolism – the effects on their bodies of their environment and their lifestyle.

"It is complicated and it will take time to deliver the benefits, but it promises a revolution in how we diagnose and treat disease.

"I am confident that we will start to see early benefits of this metabolic profiling approach in medical applications within ten years."

Professor Everett has just been appointed as Visiting Professor, Scientific Consultant and Acting Director of the new Singapore Phenome Centre, at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The centre is developing its metabolic profiling research to help solve medical, biological and environmental problems for the country.

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Picture: Professor Jeremy Everett.