Date of release: Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dr EustanceThe men who supported women's suffrage is the theme of a prestigious new exhibition curated by a University of Greenwich History lecturer.

Put together by Dr Claire Eustance, Suffragettes in Trousers focuses on the little known efforts of some of the men, especially those in Parliament, who supported the campaign for votes for women in Britain from the 1860s until the 1920s.

The exhibition is due to run for at least a month in Portcullis House on the Parliamentary estate.

Dr Eustance was invited by Parliament's 'Vote 100' project to act as guest curator for the exhibition. Vote 100 is celebrating the centenary of the 1918 Representation of the People Act through a series of exhibitions and events to engage the public with Parliament, and enhance understanding of the struggle for the vote.

Dr Eustance says she was delighted to accept the invitation to curate the exhibition. "Now with a general election looming, it is an excellent opportunity to draw attention to the history behind our right to vote and participate in Britain's Parliamentary democracy," she says.

"All men, and some women over 30, got the vote in 1918, so next year marks the centenary of the landmark legislation".

Next year also marks the 90th anniversary of the 1928 Representation of the People Act, which gave all women the Parliamentary vote on the same terms as men.

The title of the exhibition is a phrase which was coined in 1907 by the Men's League for Women Suffrage. It came from a speech made by Israel Zangwill, a women's suffrage supporter.

Dr Eustance, a member of the university's Faculty of Architecture, Computing & Humanities, was interviewed by the BBC, along with the Clerk to the House of Commons, to discuss her exhibition. The interview can be seen on iPlayer.

Although there is no public access to the exhibition, it is open to several thousand people, including MPs and Peers, who work at the Houses of Parliament. The display is also available to view online at, along with the accompanying booklet.

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Picture: Dr Claire Eustance.