Date of release: Monday, October 2, 2017

WERUThe rise of non-standard forms of employment contract – the so-called 'gig economy' – are the topic of a University of Greenwich public seminar.

Taking place on Wednesday 11 October, the event will be considering the impact on workers and the solutions proposed by the recent Taylor Review in July of this year. It has been organised by the university's Work and Employment Research Unit (WERU), part of the Business School, and all are welcome.

Speakers include Professor Sian Moore (University of Greenwich), Dr Ewan McGaughey (King's College London), Andrea Broughton (Institute of Employment Studies) and Gill Dix (Acas). All have conducted recent work on non-standard working and the accompanying legal issues.

Sian Moore is Professor of Employment Relations and Human Resource Management at Greenwich, and is also Director of WERU. Her recent work for the TUC and Low Pay Commission explores workers' experiences of non-standard contracts in the light of the recent Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices and its conclusion that 'good quality' work will be achieved through an essentially voluntarist approach.

Dr McGaughey, a lecturer in private law at King's, will consider the recommendations of the Taylor Review, and whether this was a squandered opportunity to address the problems of employment rights and tax evasion in today's economy. He will explain why relabelling employment statuses, introducing more secondary legislation, cutting holiday pay and 'softening' labour rights will solve little.

Andrea Broughton will discuss the five sectors where atypical working is common: taxi/transport, professional/creative/high-skilled work, office/short online tasks/administration, and physical low-skilled work and physical skilled work. A Principal Research Fellow at the Institute for Employment Studies, she has a wealth of experience in employment and industrial relations.

Gill Dix, Head of Strategy for Acas, will discuss policy work by the organisation on tackling the abuse of atypical working contracts, based on queries received by the telephone advisory service. She has particular interests in workplace conflict and participation, and in issues relating to decision making in public services.

Non-Standard Employment Contracts: Do The Taylor Review Solutions Meet The Challenges? takes place between 3pm and 6pm in Room 102, Hamilton House, Park Vista, Greenwich SE10 9LZ. It is the first of WERU's seminar series for 2017-18.

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