Date of release: Thursday, October 5, 2017

Pharm SciA presentation about a new technique being developed at Greenwich to improve the way tablets and other medicines work won the Geoffrey Philips Analytical Science Award at this year's APS International Pharm Sci conference.

PhD student Alessandra d'Angelo explained how micro-photogrammetry – 3D modelling and analysis of images – can be used to improve knowledge of how tablets break down and active ingredients are dispersed around the body.

The new technique will provide pharmaceutical companies with a faster and simpler approach to develop medicines and deliver the most effective treatments to patients.

Alessandra has been researching the technique being developed by Dr Milan Antonijevic, Principal Lecture in Pharmaceutical Analysis, at the university's Faculty of Engineering & Science.

Dr Antonijevic says: "I have been working on this technique for the past four years. Alessandra's research is invaluable in developing the process which is already attracting interest from international pharmaceutical businesses."

Alessandra took her first degree in chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies at the University of Cagliari, Italy. After a few months working as a pharmacist, she realised she needed to pursue her passion for science and research.

She signed up for an MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences at Greenwich and this led to her PhD programme with Dr Antonijevic. After finishing her doctorate, Alessandra is determined to pursue a career in pharmaceuticals research.

She says: "The conference presentation went well with delegates interested in the possibilities of this research and keen to ask questions.

"Current ways of analysing how active ingredients of medicines will spread throughout the body need a range of time-consuming tests. This new approach analyses all the processes at once saving pharmaceutical businesses time and reducing costs."

Story by Public Relations

Picture: Alessandra d'Angelo.