Date of release: Monday, October 16, 2017

Film StillA new film which looks at the role of architecture in a "borderless society" has won three prestigious international awards for a University of Greenwich graduate.

The Infinite Fun Palace, by Sofia Kanarelli, 29, was named Best Experimental Film at the Around International Film Festival, Berlin. It also won Best Experimental Short at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival (LAIFF) awards. 

Alongside these accolades, Sofia also received the NYC Indie Film Festival award for Best Editing and is now a finalist for Best Experimental Film of the Year at next year's LAIFF.

Sofia says: "To win these awards is a real honour. The film's content stems from ideas initially discussed in my Master's thesis, where I wrote about the impact of information technologies on our experience of the city and perception of space.

"Instant access to multiple layers of information affects the ways we engage with our immediate surroundings to such a degree that traditional laws of architecture are diminished. I would like this film to challenge its audience to rethink the role of architecture in today's borderless societies and start a discussion about the role of the architect in the 21st century."

Unit 15, the university's postgraduate architecture unit, is run by Professor Nic Clear. It was Nic who suggested Sofia enter the film in competitions.

He adds: "Sofia's work is challenging and engaging – this is great news, both for her and the department. This success shows the quality of the work our students produce. We are all very proud of her."

Sofia says: "Nic always talked to us about the benefits of allowing larger audiences to see our work. Greenwich has been a real help to me. There are some very valuable events going on within the department, such as the weekly Hawksmoor International Open Lecture Series and the annual Future Cities conference. 

"These reinforce our theoretical background, and inspire us to be more creative and ambitious. Being exposed to such diverse intellectual influences together with a close guidance by Nic naturally resulted in me reaching my highest potential." 

Sofia graduated in July and has been dividing her time between working in an architectural practice and on a new film. 

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