Date of release: Thursday, November 16, 2017

Dr Conor WalshAs meteorological experts record the highest ever levels of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a public lecture at the University of Greenwich examines how bids to limit climate change could work globally and locally.

Dr Conor Walsh, of the university's Natural Resources Institute (NRI), will present his talk, Direct and indirect implications of climate change: from global challenges to regional consequences, in the Ward Room, Pembroke Building, Medway Campus, on Wednesday 22 November.

Dr Walsh will explore the challenges of limiting global temperature increases to within 2°C above pre-industrial levels.

He will present different climate change scenarios, including the impacts on key global resources such as fossil fuels and bio-energy, and will also look at manufactured commodities, such as steel, which are currently largely fossil dependent.

He will also examine some of the potential impacts of future climate change on Medway and the south-east. For example, if greenhouse gas emissions are not curbed, summers in Medway could see an average temperature increase of approximately 2.4°C by 2050 (relative to 1980-2005 averages).

Dr Walsh suggests that while climate change is fundamentally a global issue, the impacts will be experienced, and need to be addressed, regionally and locally. "We need to be prepared to adapt and respond to a range of challenges in Medway. The ways we live, work and do business will be affected as our climate changes, and/or we seek to decarbonise," he says.

Dr Walsh specialises in research into shipping and trade scenarios, and how they alter according to the different levels of climate change, alongside environmental impact assessments of alternative commodities and energy carriers. He is also interested in the challenges facing the implementation of environmental policy, within organisations and globally.

Dr Walsh teaches on BScs in Geography and Environmental Science and on the MSc in Sustainable Environmental Management at the university's Medway Campus.

Students currently in years 12 and 13, who are considering studying Geography or Environmental Sciences at university, are most welcome.

The lecture starts at 6.30pm and will be followed by light refreshments. To book a place email: or call 020 8331 9800.

Story by Public Relations

Picture: Dr Conor Walsh, Natural Resources Institute.