Date of release: Friday, August 18, 2017

Students joining the University of Greenwich through Clearing can get help with managing money from its student finance experts.

Having a budget in place at the start of term can be a big help to new students. For example, it can identify points in the year when part-time work could be needed, says Claire Evenden, Senior Student Finance Manager.

"Being sensible and not overspending will allow you to focus on your studies, which is the most important thing," she says.

"Make it a priority to find a bank account which offers a free student overdraft and good interest rates. Most accounts now have a smartphone app, which makes it much easier to move money around between accounts and keep track of what cash is being spent.

"A student Oyster card is also essential and can save a lot of money on fares in London. Meanwhile, if you are moving away from home, consider your visits home and how you are going to get there. Book train tickets in advance to get the best prices."

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The Clearing pages on the university website are packed with all the information needed to help applicants make the right choices and to secure a university place, including the LiveChat service.

Everyone who joins Greenwich through Clearing is guaranteed somewhere to live.

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