Date of release: Monday, April 3, 2017

The University of Greenwich robot, Trolley Rage2, pictured, lost out to Carbide in the BBC2 Robot Wars heats on Sunday evening.

Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor, Professor Simeon Keates, says: "Unfortunately, Trolley Rage2 came face to face with Carbide – one of the toughest robots in the series. It has a 20Kg bar spinning at 2,500 rpm. Impact with the bar is the equivalent of being hit by something travelling at 250 miles an hour.

"The spinning bar cut straight into the softer metal at the front of our robot and took out a power cable. Once the power is gone you are totally disabled. However, it was a spectacular contest and great fun taking part."

However, Professor Keates is delighted his team achieved its goal of demonstrating that you don't need a big budget to build a full functioning robot.

"Trolley Rage2 was made from old disused materials that would otherwise have been sent off for recycling – shopping trolleys donated from local supermarkets, metal box section, a carpenter's hand axe and a couple of old wheelchair motors. Only the battery and the controller were new," he says.

Professor Keates and his team, from the Faculty of Engineering & Science, are now constructing a much stronger robot to compete in Robot Wars Live shows this summer using parts donated by a local Army base.

Story by Public Relations.