Date of release: Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Dr Michael Talbot, University of Greenwich lecturer, will be exploring piracy during the Ottoman Empire as one of ten New Generation Thinkers announced by BBC Radio 3 and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

Following a four-month selection process, Michael was selected from hundreds of academics at the start of their careers who had the best academic ideas with the potential to be shared through the media. The successful ten all demonstrated a passion for communicating their work and a skill for making complex areas of study engaging, accessible, and enlightening. 

Michael joined the University of Greenwich in 2015 as lecturer in the History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Middle East in the university's History, Politics and Social Sciences department.

Michael commented: "It has been really exciting receiving my media training in preparation for recording programmes for BBC Radio 3 and meeting my fellow New Generation Thinkers. The biggest thrill will be using radio to bring to life the story of how the Ottoman Empire sought to control piracy in the eighteenth century, how they tried to gain justice for its victims, and what lessons we can take when we think about power and the sea today."

Mark O'Thomas, Pro Vice Chancellor for the Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities at the University of Greenwich said: "It is exciting to see that Michael's research into the Ottoman Empire's interactions with other powers and peoples will reach so many people. His enthusiasm for the subject will engage many in wanting to explore more about this rich period of Middle Eastern history.  I will be looking forward to listening to his programmes."

The series will begin broadcast in April and will also include other academics looking afresh at historical topics, including explorations in 18th century masculinity and the medical history of George Orwell, sitting alongside research into early 20th century vegetarianism in Britain.

Photo: Michael Talbot