Date of release: Sunday, April 1, 2018

Concerns are growing for the Avery Hill Campus squirrels' ever-expanding waistlines. 

As the cold weather gripped South East London over the last couple of months, the University of Greenwich's resident squirrels indulged in delicious food for warmth. 

Tucking into anything they could get their little paws on from student bins; leftover pizza, discarded biscuits, and half-eaten apples. Finding themselves sluggish and weary afterwards, the university has taken measures to combat the CROC (Cute Rodent Obesity Crisis). 

After days of planning and a staggering £15 investment, a new squirrel-friendly athletics track and obstacle course will be opening by the human sports pitches in the early summer, allowing Avery Hill's furry friends to shed some of their winter weight and feel good about themselves again. ​