Date of release: Monday, October 1, 2018

Experiencing music live is a completely different experience to listening through headphones, but does that have to be the case?

Ian Thompson, programme leader (BA Digital Arts) at the University of Greenwich, has just launched Sonos Localia – Latin for spatial sound - a music label specialising in work created to be heard in three-dimensional space.

The first release, Loudspeaker Music for Headphones, Volume One, features 13 pieces by composers that have previously presented work at Loudspeaker Orchestra concerts at the university's award-winning Stockwell Street building.

The music has been 'diffused' live through a circular eight-channel loudspeaker array and recorded using dummy-head microphones placed in the ­­centre of the array.

This means the full width, depth and movement of the music is captured, allowing the work to be experienced as intended by the original composer.

This sense of immersion is usually only possible when attending a live performance and sitting in the exact centre of the auditorium.

Speaking about the venture, Ian said:

"Our aim with Sonos Localia is to offer a more engaging way of experiencing and enjoying new music to a much wider audience than is currently possible.

"The label will be a platform for promoting innovative work by composers and sound artists. We're a not-for-profit enterprise, with all income after operating costs being distributed fairly between composers and artists.

 "None of this would have been possible without funding from the University of Greenwich's Seedling Fund, which enabled us to establish the label and buy new equipment. It's great to be able to offer that kind of support."

"Looking to the future we hope to include spatial electroacoustic music by both established composers and students at the university, not to mention radiophonic and other innovative sound work. Watch this space."

For more information on Sonos Localia, please visit: