Funding won to help more students into higher education About the university

Professor Jill JamesonA new international research project has been launched at the University of Greenwich, to examine how higher vocational education students, such as those studying foundation degrees or NVQs, may go on to the university sector.

Hailed as ‘outstanding’ by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funding body, the project will last for three years (2013-16) in the form of a research seminar series. 

It will examine how these students enter higher education, what options are available to them, which are the most successful and why, and whether there are new alternatives. The overall goal is to discover the best routes for these students into higher education then employment.  The research findings will be used to advise government strategy.

The series will be led by Professor Jill Jameson, Director of the Centre for Leadership & Enterprise in the Faculty of Education & Health, and will involve representatives from the UK, Europe, Australia, South Africa and the USA. International experts will be speaking at the seminars.

Professor Jameson also led the funding bid, which was described by research council reviewers as ‘outstanding’ and ‘very strong’. Other supporting institutions include the University of London, the University of Birmingham, the University of Huddersfield, King's College London, the FE & Skills Directorate at the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, Linking London, the London School of Economics, and the universities of Southampton, Sheffield, and Warwick. An expert group of UK and international research partners will also be brought together to exchange research findings about the best ways to encourage further education and vocational students into higher education.

“The University of Greenwich has had a leading expert role in higher vocational education for more than 120 years, so there is a deeply authentic and knowledgeable support structure underpinning this research seminars partnership," says Professor Jameson. 

“We are therefore delighted to bring together a wide range of experts from leading academic, policy, research and business communities to find out what works and why in higher vocational education, to encourage more people into higher education. This seminar series is at the forefront of the UK drive to encourage innovation, growth and renewal in higher education scholarship, research and enterprise.”

The HIVE-PED project is named for higher vocational education ('HIVE') and pedagogic ('PED') research in England.

Story by Public Relations