Professor seeks public’s help with ageing studies About the university

Professor Pat SchofieldPeople from all walks of life are being asked to help with a university professor's research into the subject of ageing.

Pat Schofield, Professor of Nursing at the University of Greenwich, wants volunteers from all backgrounds, and of all ages, to take part in discussion groups and sit on advisory panels.

Those taking part do not need any specialist knowledge of health issues, but will have an interest in areas that affect the over-65 age group, such as dementia, nutrition, living with pain and risks such as falls.

Professor Schofield, from the university's Faculty of Education & Health, is an expert in pain management among the older population. She says: "People across the community can help me and my research team with our work. We will be forming small discussion groups about the health and well-being of older people. Our volunteers may have direct experience of caring for someone, or there might be other issues to do with older friends or relatives that people wish to discuss.

"These first-hand accounts are valuable and often help to give us, as researchers, a fresh perspective on what we should be thinking about.

"Lots of good advice and important questions come from volunteers attending these type of groups. It's also an opportunity for everyone involved to make some new friends."

Volunteers may also be asked to sit on advisory groups, or help draw up health questionnaires or patients' consent forms.

Meetings will take place at the Avery Hill Campus, in south-east London, and at the Medway Campus, in Chatham Maritime. Travel expenses will be met. Up to four discussion sessions a year will take place at the university, although people can take part in just one session, or as many as they like.

Earlier this year the university launched its Centre for Positive Ageing, which aims to help individuals live healthier and more fulfilling lives, supported by better health and social care services.

Story by Public Relations

Picture: Professor Pat Schofield.