Equality and diversity at the University of Greenwich About the university

The University of Greenwich has a very diverse student body and workforce. It is essential that all staff and students are aware of the value of creating a safe, inclusive study and work environment where everyone is given the opportunity to realise their full potential.

We are committed to promoting equality and valuing diversity, and this is central to our commitment to excellence in all that we do: teaching, research and enterprise. This commitment will also support us to meet our vision: that by 2017 we will have an enhanced reputation as a leading London university.

Our commitment to equality is reflected in how we aim to:

  • Do our best to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and with respect
  • Recognise that students and members of staff have different needs
  • Make sure that no-one experiences less favourable treatment or discrimination because of their age; any disability they may have; their ethnicity, colour or national origin; their gender; their gender identity or reassignment; their marital or civil partnership status; being pregnant or having recently had a baby; their religion or beliefs; their sexual identity and orientation.

The University of Greenwich values partnerships with other national and international institutions. In recent years we have had active engagements in more than 100 countries across our range of disciplines. Being a truly global university means embracing our diversity as a source of strength.