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The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers – October 2012 About the university

The University of Greenwich has a rich heritage in innovations in teaching, learning, research and enterprise, and has bold and imaginative plans to progress these inter-related activities yet further. This is evidenced by the new mission of the university – 'To inspire society through the discovery, application and dissemination of knowledge'. The university recognises that the key element in achieving this is attracting and retaining staff of the highest quality, and a vital component in ensuring such retention is valuing staff in a number of demonstrable ways, including supporting their continuous professional development.

Research and the associated enterprise activities have long been a strong feature of the university's agenda, with many notable successes. The university's new Strategic Plan for the period 2012-17 contains ambitious expectations to progress the research and enterprise agenda yet further, under the vision of 'Enhancing our capability as a research-informed and enterprising institution which produces international quality research and knowledge exchange'. It is clear that the on-going development of the major resource presented by research staff is crucial to meeting the various goals behind this vision, and the university's engagement with The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers is a very important vehicle for achieving such.

The university subscribes to the basic tenet behind the development of the Concordat in it being a mechanism for ensuring greater integration of researchers into the mainstream management and career development structures in UK universities. To this end the university has made significant progress in addressing the principles of, and the associated clauses behind the Concordat, as evidenced by its Gap Analysis and Action Plan – October 2012. Overall responsibility for working towards compliance with the Concordat rests with the Concordat Implementation Working Group, the work of which is supported by other groups. This Action Plan will be updated periodically to inform on progress in working towards full compliance.