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University Fire Policy & Procedures About the university


The University of Greenwich is committed to providing a safe environment for its staff, students and visitors; in the event of fire, they should be able to safely and comfortably leave the building. As part of this commitment, the University aims to ensure that the risks from fire are minimised and that the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005 are implemented fully.

Although fire safety within the University is primarily the legal responsibility of the University itself, a legal obligation also rests on all staff, students, visitors, contractors and anyone else whose actions may influence the risk from fire on University premises. The University will support the above persons to meet their duties and in turn requires their full commitment and cooperation.

The purpose of this document is to both underline the University's ongoing determination to successfully manage the risk from fire and to provide a framework that supports this key organisational objective.

For the University to deal effectively with the risk posed by fire it is important that staff and students are clear about their own responsibilities in respect of fire safety. This section details what those responsibilities are.

The arrangements section sets out how fire safety should be managed within the University and includes direction in respect of fire prevention, fire detection, escape routes, emergency procedures and other fire safety issues.

Approved by University Health & Safety Committee November 2016